9 virtual icebreakers for remote teams & online meetings 2021 update

Encourage participation by all workers and try to frame these as open and fun discussions. Friendship and respect can be built virtually, but there needs to be opportunities like this for that to happen. Each team or individual should “buzz in” through the chat to keep the game even more exciting (and fair!). Teams or individuals will earn points for correct answers, and bonus points for being the first to ring in. The lessons learned directly and positively impact employee and organizational culture. Participants will understand how to motivate and communicate more effectively with those who share and those who do not share their style. Try as you might, it is unlikely that anyone in the group will reproduce a carbon copy – although some pictures will be more similar than others.

This is especially useful during team discussions to ensure you capture everyone’s thoughts. TINYpulse is the world’s leading employee engagement platform. From TINYpulse surveys to employee recognition, you can use TINYpulse to engage your employees and give them the chance to contribute.

Corporate spirit week

This gives teams who do not usually work together the chance to collaborate on one project, especially fun during the holidays. Have everyone share their list on a shared doc, and your colleagues can see a different side of one another.

The person to recognize the most correct emojis is declared the winner. The team can then take turns to recognize what’s true and what the lie is. After everyone has guessed, the speaker reveals their lie.

Daily team-building pulse votes

Virtual bingo is a fun and easy way to get everyone involved and realize what they have in common. It’s a good challenge and took our team about 70 minutes to complete over Zoom.

Each week, designate one person with the task of sharing their bucket list ideas. You can specify the lengths of these lists and whether items already completed should be included. Set aside designated time, perhaps at the beginning of each meeting, for a team member to share one personal photo that is unrelated to work. This photo can contain pets, hobbies, gadgets, family members, etc. The facilitator will have the sheet open on a digital whiteboard on their computer and will share their screen while employees try to guess the answers. As each answer is guessed, the facilitator can follow along, putting answers into the empty column. The personal facts guessing game is a great way to learn your team member’s interests outside of a work environment.

Coffee Breaks and Happy Hours

To help you create a budding workplace team over Zoom we have compiled a list of 11 of the very best Zoom icebreakers for large groups. Virtual team building is important because it brings a team closer together and creates a culture of psychological safety, which is essential for a team to be high performing. When working in a remote team that frequently communicates on digital channels, it can sometimes be tough to talk with your employees one on one. When teams work remotely, the lack of collaboration can sometimes be lost because you do not see each other every day.

How do you manage team members who are overwhelmed?

  1. Be informed about workload. Don't let your team's overwhelming workload be a surprise to you.
  2. Don't take it personally.
  3. Acknowledge it's real.
  4. Validate their experience.
  5. Unpack the overwhelm.
  6. Involve them in the solution.

This activity is good for fairly newly formed teams, when they don’t know each other that well and need to get better acquainted. Shark Tank is an awesome activity to get your creative juices going and have a bit of competition with your company. Decide on a debate topic, then break your team into two groups.

Icebreaker games & Team building activities

How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings – Guide on Harvard Business Review about how to encourage icebreakers for large virtual meetings virtual meeting participation. The following tools will allow your team to work together while working remotely.

  • This virtual team-building activity in particular is also good for mission alignment and helps your employees think more innovatively.
  • In eighteen minutes, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow.
  • If this is the case, hold off on icebreakers and instead make sure your team feels appreciated with messages, shoutouts, and even care packages.
  • Those who are uncomfortable showing their full home do not have to but can just show their work space.
  • Just make sure the emphasis is heavy on family and light on feud (jokes!).
  • Team leaders can help alleviate these fears by hosting meetings that are engaging, collaborative, purposeful, and even fun.

If you organized one company offsite each quarter, then you should organize at least two and maybe three virtual off-sites in that same time period. So, we made this list of fun virtual team building activities for remote teams. For some people, the idea of having fun at work—especially if your work environment is virtual—can seem like a far-fetched reality. Quick online team building activities can help bring that necessary aspect of fun to your workplace. Here are some places to start with your quick and fun activities. These exercises are virtual versions of icebreaker games for large teams and icebreaker activities for small teams.

Guess Who

If you have a large remote team, these feelings are likely to be heightened due to additional pressure. One way to overcome these feelings is to introduce Zoom icebreakers for large groups into your team building activities. This game might be best as a virtual team building activity on Zoom. Send your virtual team into breakout rooms and have them team up to research the best method to make a paper airplane. They can use YouTube or other resources, but after five minutes, bring everyone back from their breakouts and test out their creations.

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