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The latest ______ implies the newest budget therefore the ______ authorizes expenses and you can establishes how earnings is received

The latest ______ implies the newest budget therefore the ______ authorizes expenses and you can establishes how earnings is received

5. Because of the have a tendency to creating appropriations will act as narrowly that one may, Congress tries to a great. encourage specific strategies regarding the individual markets. b. nullify the fresh new president’s authority to manage particular federal software. c. beat bureaucratic red-tape. d. reduce the opportunity that president tend to get it done the right to impound.

6. ______ revolutionized the latest government budget processes and increased presidential power. an effective. The Impoundment Manage Work b. The new Hatch Act c. New Finances and Bookkeeping Act d. The government Overall performance and you can Abilities Operate

7. Top-off cost management is different from bottom-upwards cost management in this the former an effective. explores the big picture. b. stresses incrementalism. c. focuses primarily on how big is per agency’s bit of the whole versus what other organizations receive. d. focuses primarily on change instead of the entire funds immediately.

8. Administration of the objectives and you can zero-legs budgeting are a great. methods to change incrementalism. b. finances appropriations measures. c. ways of increasing legislative power happn quizzes. d. kind of legislative agreement.

9. Prior to 1921, ______ considering the key management from inside the federal finances procedure. a beneficial. the fresh new judiciary b. the latest president c. Congress d. providers

ten. Creating a biennial finances and you can enacting a balanced-funds constitutional modification a great. were procedure implemented in order to change the latest budget process. b. try potential solutions to have reforming the newest budgetary techniques. c. was dismissed by teachers as naive facts. d. was disregarded by the Congress because the naive records.

12. The new Federal Set aside handles the cash have, a task labeled as apensatory economics. b. fiscal policy. c. monetary coverage. d. zero-base cost management.

thirteen. The fresh new show of your own government funds you to Congress additionally the president can be conveniently change (control) in just about any considering season ran off 66 per cent inside the 1965 so you’re able to ______ per cent last year. a great. 78 b. 18 c. 35 d. 58

14. An excellent congressional ______ commits money for spending, and you may congressional ___ carry out software and put limits into the amount of cash one shall be invested. a beneficial. surplus; deficits b. authorization; appropriations c. financial plan; financial regulations d. appropriation; authorizations

15. Congress mostly spends legislative controls and you may ______ so you’re able to keep back administrator discretion. good. limits with the administrator impoundment b. uncontrollable expenses c. a black colored funds d. line-items vetoes

18. The bigger the latest government shortage, the greater number of of federal funds have to be loyal merely to paying interest. an effective. Real

20. The latest Impoundment Handle Operate was designed to avoid the gross abuse out of impoundment authority from the Chairman George W. Plant.

Brand new flow of cash on bureaucracy will bring a hack to possess controlling the utilization of authorities programs

twenty-two. Brand new federal finances is just like state and you will regional budgets having the same amount of information so you’re able to experience deficits and exact same amount of financial expert you to definitely state and you can local governing bodies create. a beneficial. True b. Incorrect

1. Unlike traditional societal management which focused on ______ given that unit of studies, execution training work with___________. an effective. bureaus; personnel and businesses b. agencies; programs as well as the abilities they create c. resources; partial preemption and efficiency d. regulations; finances while they compare to the non-public sector

step 3. All the pursuing the things can also be impede effective execution But a good. backwards mapping. b. practical uncertainty. c. inadequate information. d. uneven management.

The fresh new classic matter-of earliest budgeting: “About what base shall it be made a decision to spend some x bucks so you’re able to craft A in the place of passion B?

cuatro. Most of the following belong to the class regarding organizational trouble you to swayed system profits Except a good. providing a typically provider company regulating duties. b. pass mapping. c. relegating a program to an unsympathetic agencies. d. separating related applications certainly different companies.

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